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Installing dredd 2015-12-21

dredd is a tool for validating your api against your api documentation. While installing it...there was trouble.

Jenkins Job Builder by OpenStack 2014-12-10

Jenkins is a flexible and easy to use continous integration server. Coming from a Linux background however, the GUI seems awkward and cumbersome to use. Enter Jenkins job templates. This is an excellent project by the good people at OpenStack that allows you to define your jenkins jobs via yaml files. JJB then parses these yaml files and converts them into the XML format that Jenkins expects.

Using packer to build vagrant base boxes 2013-12-31

I recently needed to build a Vagrant base box and but did not want to use the boxes that were pre-built and available on the internet. I wanted to build my own boxes from the original distribution ISOs. This is possible to do manually but is a laborious and slow process. Enter [Packer](packer.io) - a tool from the developers of Vagrant that automates this so you can go from original distribution ISO to vagrant box by typing in one command. This lends itself to automation which is almost always a good thing.